About Me

About Jude Garrison


I am 29 years old, and a Canadian, who has come to the UK to be with my
sweetie (the cutie with the bulging (!) eyes and purple lips on the home
page). I am a former data entry operator (in Canada) and am currently just
spending time enjoying England and all of it’s quirks!!


  • Alan Horrocks — Number one on my list!!
  • My doggie Gollum who I had to leave behind in Canada 🙁
  • Radiohead — have that one in common with Alan!!
  • The Tragically Hip — awesome Canadian band!!
  • Ani Difranco — awesome American singer/songwriter/guitarist!!
  • TOOL — Wicked band!!
  • Italian Food (nothing like a good pasta!!)
  • MOLES!!! As in the small rodent type creature, and not a
    blemish on the skin!!
  • Wine — A good dry white will do!!
  • Animations (in one of my past lives I am sure I was a toon!!)
  • MICKEY MOUSE and WACKO (from the animaniacs) and ICKUS
    (from aaaaah! real monsters)!!
  • The films Fantasia and Natural Born Killers (variety is the spice of
  • My old Canadian friends and my new UK friends 🙂
  • The Duncton Chronicles and The Book of Silence series
    by William Horwood
  • A conversation and a drink (did I say “A” drink?!) with my best friends
    Liz MacKay, Mer Wilson, and Shelley Shaw!!!
  • A very strange (like he could be anything but!!) conversation with my other
    best buddy Kevin Pfinder!!
  • My crazy family, of course!!
  • Amaretto Cappuccino from the store across the road from my old place
    in Halifax, NS, Canada
  • Candleholders and lots of candles (ambiance is most important!!)
  • RAIN!! 🙂 Good place to be for that, eh?


  • Dance Music — another thing in common with Alan….what is up
    with that crap anyway?
  • That Tori Amos has taken to singing Dance Music!! Tori, what
    are you doing????!!!!
  • Cruelty to Animals– very evil!!
  • Bugs…………..ick!!!!
  • The fact that the only info on the web about moles is how to get rid
    of them!!
  • People who throw their trash on the ground when there is a bin nearby!!
  • The fact that all of my friends couldn’t come over here with me!! 🙁
  • Sunburns!!! OUCH!!!
  • Yellow automobiles — I just do!!
  • That Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) and Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon)
    are no longer with us creating music.
  • MT&T — Eastern Canadian phone company from hell!!
  • People who hunt for sport, after all, the animals don’t have weapons
    so where is the sport in that?
  • When my roots grow in making it necessary for a re-dye!! 🙂
  • When I run out of Peanut Butter — protein is most important,
    ya know!! 🙂

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