This is a collection of photos of people and animals
that are special to me. Most of these people I had to leave behind
in Canada when I came over here to be with my sweetie (below!!) and I miss
them all very much. They are all going to be very pleased (sarcasm!!)
that I put their pics on the internet!!! 🙂

sweetie.jpgThis is my sweetie, Alan Horrocks!! OK….I
know that you have seen him before but I like him, so here he is again!!!
We met over the internet and used to be 3000 miles apart, but are together
now, and staying that way!! 🙂

This is my Mum!!! Contrary to popular belief
we are nothing alike and I have not picked up any of her habits or quirks!
:)She is in Canada and I miss her very much.


This is my Dad!!! He passed away when I
was just 15 years old and I miss him very much too, but I keep my memories
of him in my heart.


This is my oldest (as in I have known her longer
than anyone) friend Mer!! We were once wild and crazy, but Mer grew
up and became responsible and is now quite studious!!! She is into
historical costume design and is coming over to spend some time in Europe
furthering her studies and getting blasted with me!!! If you need
a corset, this is the girl to call!!! 🙂


This is my other best buddy Liz!!! I haven’t
known her as long as Mer but love her just as much!!! We have been
known to drink to excess together and we are always going to each other
for advice and to vent our life problems to each other!! She is much
more responsible now, as she is a Mummy to her son Zacky, and a very good
one at that!!! 🙂


This is Zacky!!! Isn’t he a cutie?!
This is my friend Liz’s little boy. He should be on a calendar or
something, eh? 🙂


This is my other best buddy Shelley, who I used
to spend time getting up to no good with, but we are good girls now!!!
Shelley is in school taking drafting, so if you need anything designed,
this is the girl to get in touch with!! 🙂


This is my friend and ex-roomie Kev (aka Keffer,
Kevinski). What can I say about Kev?? He is one of the most
warped people I know, and I miss his weirdness!!! He is also a very
good artist, so if you need any warped pictures then this is the man you


This is another one of my warped friends Virgil!!
He is an amazing singer and artist as well. Some of his drawings
are on the weird art page, near the bottom. He is almost as warped
as Kev, but not quite!!! He is in a band called Mitch Montana, and
they are awesome!!! Look for them in the future!! 🙂


This is a picture of a couple of my newer friends
Dwayne and Brandi. I met them a couple of months before I left Canada
to come and be with my Alan, and they are pretty cool!!! Brandi is
an artist too, and they left just before I did to be adventurous in British
Columbia, Canada. They love to party and we did lots of that in the
short time we knew each other!!


This is Mer’s mum!!! She is very cool and
is also studying costume design. All of Mer’s friends love Dianne because
she is more like a friend than a mother type person and as an added bonus
she would let us drink at her place!! I like her because she let
me use her computer when I was without one and didn’t get mad at me when
I spilled wine all over her keyboard!! 🙂


This is (in order of appearance!) Mer, another
good friend of mine Linda, and me at Linda’s 30th birthday party.
Me and Mer are dressed like this because it was supposed to be a “one step
closer to death” party and everyone was supposed to dress up, but me and
Mer were the only ones who did and ended up looking very silly!!!


This is my doggie, Gollum!!! He is very
cute, eh? He is still in Canada because it was too hard to bring
him over here with me. 🙁 We would have had to put him into
quarantine for six months. He has a very good home tho, and is very
happy. I still keep in touch with him, tho. I miss him very
much. He is my sweetie puppy dog!!! Alan thinks he has a tendency
to be evil, but that is untrue!! 🙂


This is Gollum when he was just a baby!!
How could an animal that is this adorable be anything but perfectly well
behaved? heehee. 🙂


This is one of my new pets, Allsorts!! He,
unlike Gollum, can be very evil!!! He has many tricks to wake you
up in the morning so that you will feed him, some of which include scratching
at the floor and throwing my ceramic dog against the radiator so it clangs!!!
Now that is evil!!! 🙂


This is Mitsi!!! She is another of our kitties,
and is quite a cutie!!! She is never annoying (sarcasm!!) either!!
🙂 We love her tho, and she is 18 and so deserves some respect!!


This is a tree. Wouldn’t have guessed
that, eh? It is in a graveyard close to my mum’s place in Halifax,
Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a nice place to sit and think.

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